1 Understanding the Andhra Crop Holiday Movement Vamsi Vakulabharanam, N Purendra Prasad, K Laxminarayana, Sudheer Kilaru
2 A.P’s Master Plan for Its New Capital: Speculation and Weak Foundations C Ramachandraiah
3 Tragedy of the Commons Revisited (II): Mining in Tribal Habitats of Araku Valley N Purendra Prasad, Vamsi Vakulabharanam, K Laxminarayana,Sudheer Kilaru
4 Dissolution of “United” Andhra Pradesh: Insights from Growth and Distribution Patterns, 1956-2010 Vamsi Vakulabharanam, Sripad Motiram
5 Agricultural Growth and Irrigation in Telangana: A Review of Evidence Vamsi Vakulabharanam
6 Making of Amaravati – A Landscape of Speculation & Intimidation C Ramachandraiah
7 Changing Structure of Governance in non-metropolitan cities : A Study in Andhra Pradesh N Purendra Prasad
8 Babu’s Camelot: Amaravati and the Emerging Capitalist Dynamics in `New’ Andhra Pradesh N Purendra Prasad, Vamsi Vakulabharanam
9 Agrarian Class and Caste Relations in ‘United’ Andhra Pradesh, 1956–2014 N Purendra Prasad
10 Exploitative forms of transit labor in three regions of Andhra Pradesh N Purendra Prasad
11 ‘Closed city spaces’ : differential access to education in vijayawada, South India N Purendra Prasad
12 Caste as Social Power : Sociological Trajectory of an Intermediate Caste Satish Chennur